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Strava should enable gift subscriptions again

Mt. Kenya states:

"For the time being, we have removed the option to gift a subscription to an athlete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience."

This seems to be a really bad idea. I was just looking up how to give a gift subscription. If it isn't possible, I'll be spending my Christmas gift money elsewhere.

Strava should consider enabling gift subscriptions again and stop throwing income away.


Could absolutely do this, and I could also Venmo or Paypal her money, give her my credit card number, or give her a gift card from Visa for the amount so she could renew the subscription herself. The whole point of a gift subscription is the receiver has to do virtually nothing and it is obvious the gifter's intent: a subscription to Strava, a running app. Just seems more thoughtful to make it direct, and I am clueless as to why Strava wouldn't do this.  Ah well.

I posted the likely reason in another comment on this post - Google and Apple probably restrict them from being able to offer direct gift cards, as it bypasses their usual 20% commission.

Just want to continue to echo other statements of frustration.  So frustrated with Strava ever since nce you all started mucking up the payment system.  Raising prices, ok has to happen, but the manner in which Strava has managed to bungle the pricing increase and eliminate the gift subscription is very disappointing. 

Looks like Strava want to lose some paid users or want to force people to self-renewing subscriptions model... Well... I can live without this gift. Friend will not make me this gift in this year and probably never again because gifts will not back. Your lose.

Today I lost Strava features... They gave me 3 free months, well... Thanks I had fun with Strava and probably this is the end of this adventure. I'm against subscriptions and gifts was a good way to have this features or good way to give them to someone. I had many situations where automatic flag of activities doesn't work and I made some work for Strava for free in many cases. Probably I'll miss route creator but we have alternatives. It's kind of strange but probably will be not so bad. Anyway I don't care about places outside the top ten 😅

Thanks for the update and transparency. I wanted to share that I found this thread while trying to gift subscription upgrades to 2 people I ride with. I guess they will stay on the free tier. 

Mt. Kenya

@Soren Any news related to this subject?

Mt. Kenya

This is really weird, has anyone heard from Strava why they would do this?

I imagine they're blocked by Google and Apple from doing so, but they can't tell us that. I've seen other apps that don't accept gifts too, instead encouraging gifts through the app stores.

Mt. Kenya

It’s weird that this isn’t an option. Why would they remove it? It’s literally free money for them for almost no effort on their part except some sort of gift card redeeming service (which used to exist). I have wanted to gift two people Strava at this point.