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The best Achievements appearance

Pico de Orizaba

Yesterday, on June 2nd, 2024, I first uploaded the route from my Android and it showed that it was my 2nd best marathon time. Then I uploaded the same route from the Bryton Rider 15 and deleted the route recorded by the Android. Now it incorrectly shows that it is my 3rd marathon time, even though it is actually my second best time. Refreshing the activity achievements doesn't help. What should I do to display it correctly?Strava2.jpgStrava3.jpg


Mt. Kenya

I have had a similar experience when recording the same activity on two devices, and then deleting one.  I found that by Cropping the remaining activity, even by 1 second, at the start or end, it fixed the issue like you describe.


Did you try the "Remove Effort" button in your 2nd best?

Such information should be displayed: Congrats! You just set your 2rd fastest time in the Marathon!

I don't want to delete it, just to display on the first page that it is my second best result, not the third.

It's because the same activity was recorded first with Android, then secondly with Bryton Rider, and only after that did I delete the first record from Android.

I already know how to avoid this in the future, but is it possible to correct it now without deleting the activity and uploading it again?