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Toggle Route Visibility / Hide Route Hotkey M

Mt. Kenya

In Strava Routeplanner (which STILL is not available on mobile..), there seems to be no way to temporarilly hide the planned route to see the features underneath. This needs to be added. This is almost standard practice by now if you look e.g. at Komoot or BRouter Web which both use "M" as a hotkey to temporarilly hide the route while the key is pressed.


Moderator Moderator

Hey @mo,

In this case, I recommend checking our Ideas Page to see if anyone has already created this idea for routes already.
If not, I think this would be a great opportunity to create the idea yourself.

In creating the idea, please be sure to add details about the "features underneath" you referring to. In doing so, you'll provide clarity to the engineers about what you would like to see implemented.

Again, thank you for sharing this feedback and we encourage your to share more!

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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