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Tracking Open water swim

Mt. Kenya

Hi I’m new to Strava and open water swimming.

i have a question re: tracking distance and time using my Garmin Venu 2 watch. As far as I know my watch cannot track open water swimming. Time yes, distance and gps, pretty sure not. I’ve downloaded the Swim Coach app and from my understanding, it can’t either.


Anyways. I downloaded the Strava app and used it for the first time yesterday. To my surprise, I found this on my Strava when I got home. I’m delighted with it. But can somebody enlighten me which of the above produce this? My garmin venu 2 or swim coach app?  Many thanks!!




In the activity you can see the device or app that had recorded it. But if you didn't bring the phone then the answer is obvious.

Mt. Kenya

Just to add that, I didn’t bring my phone with me for the swim (Which I know some people do attach phone to tow float so they can a good reading)