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UI changes in iOS app v. 357.0.0



It seems that the iOs app got a UI update in the recent version... I've got mixed feelings about that. 

Overall, it's not bad - not that many aggressively orange elements anymore (e.g. in the splits chart), rather streamlined view of activity details... I like that!

However, tiny details bug me, such as the changed highlights in the notifications: Previously, new notifications would be highlighted with a background colour, old notifications would have the same background as the rest of the app; now the old notifications are highlighted, that's quite confusing. 

Is it a bug or a feature? Or perhaps just a partial / unfinished change in preparation for the dark mode (fingers crossed)?


Mt. Kenya

I've noticed the different shades on the notifications too and it's sooooo irritating! It took me a while to realise what the problem was. I kept clicking on what I thought were unread notifications, knowing that I'd already read them. It's so minor but incredibly annoying when it goes against the standard!

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