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Unwanted pictures in my Strava feed


Suddenly I'm getting lots of pictures in my feed from people I do not follow. Seems to be coming from clubs I am a member of. Almost exclusively pictures of bikes. Some days so many that it feels like real spam. Is there a way to filter these out or is quitting the clubs my only options?


Moderator Moderator

Hello All:

Apologies for any confusion over this recent change.

Club posts made by club members will now appear in the Home feed for all club members.

As a couple of you have already mentioned, If you do not want to see posts from a specific club in your feed, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the Strava mobile app.
2. Locate a post from the relevant club in your Home feed and tap the three-dot icon.
3. Select the option to “Mute Posts From Club Members”.

You may need to pull down on your feed to refresh it before the posts are hidden. Be aware that you will still see posts from the club admins in your feed.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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Mt. Kenya

It looks like Strava are on the first step on the road to becoming Facebook, spamming even customers with irrelevant cr@p.  If they won’t allow me to block random posts from Strava about activities / people who I don’t know and who are doing sports completely unrelated to my interests (e.g. someone who had run the London Marathon when I’m a MTB rider) then I don’t think that I’ll be the only deleting their app and cancelling my subscription this year. 


Me too, and Jane's answer is unsatisfactory.  I actually want to see posts from my clubs, but only once, not seeing the same post everyday as it floats upwards. However, it's now months since the original complaint so I'm not optimistic for a solution.


Me too.... keeps floating near the top. A club post put up on 11 October now sitting 3rd one down in my feed. This is a nonsense.

Mt. Kenya

I'm not sure if the problem I'm seeing is related to this topic or not, but rather than seeing lots of club pics/posts, I'm seeing the same posts again and again, because they keep floating to the top of my feed. This seems to go on for about a week, with progressively older posts floating above freshly posted activities. This happens on the web and on mobile, and definitely seems like a bug. Is anyone else seeing this? (After about a week, they finally sink down my feed like they should have from the start.)

Yes, this is happening to me too. The same group post appears every time I open the app - about the 2nd or third activity down. I read it days ago, my feed has had hundreds of activities since then. Why does it keep appearing, it's posted by a group admin but it's still really annoying.

I’m not having this problem. Try switching to Personalized activity ordering if you aren’t already, as there may be a bug with the algorithmic feed. Visit Display Preferences, and switch Feed Ordering to Latest Activities.

Mt. Kenya

I cannot prevent admin posts from reappearing in my feed day by day again. This is really annoying.

Mt. Kenya

This is proving to be a proper pain in the **bleep**.  Not only am I now forced to go into every group and specifically tell it I do not want to see posts, but now that I have commented on this Post to tell Strava how annoying it is, I am now bombarded with other people also telling Strava how ******* annoying it is.  STRAVA - TURN IT ALL OFF.  If I wanted it, I would enable notifications.


Mt. Kenya

Agree. This is a total pain. I do not want to see posts from random people in my feed.