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“Virtual Ride”

Mt. Kenya

Please bring back the “Virtual Ride” type. I and many others use it to separate outdoor from indoor rides. Thank you. 


Mt. Kenya

Inhave thensame problem qnd now Inhave marked some activities with red flag beacuse I can't change. I can put that the activities are another Sport but nota virtual? It not have sense.

Mt. Kenya

When will the “Indoor” available in the app? And at least the map would be nice cause I re-ride my outdoor rides also indoor. It’s easier to identify with the map. Just provide a different design (like grey = disabled from specific functions)


BR formspiel 

Mt. Kenya

Totally agree, Strava know how to annoy all the Peloton (et el) users out there.  I was a subscriber, but without being able to filter my real from gym rides I might as well stick to Garmin Connect, they still have a virtual ride setting and it's free!  Their segments are catching up too, so reason to re-subscribe have just been reduced massively 😕 

Mt. Kenya

Thanks for the explanation, Jane.

I’m sure there’s a good explanation (didn’t read the link you’ve shared yet) behind this change, but also sad for me.
If you change this—for some—essential behaviour, please also make sure that the “Indoor Cycling” option is available in the app too. Although, if I use this option the map is gone. This is sad, because it’s nice to see speed, power, heart rate and cadence for specific parts on the virtual route too (I ride *my* routes IRL and virtual). You have so many different designs for the map just “invent” an indoor one if there’s the need to really differentiate between real-live maps. 

Best, Andreas 


Hello ukexpat,

Thanks for posting about this. 

Virtual Ride/Run activities are activity recordings which contain GPS, distance, elevation, and time data from a simulated (virtual) route. You can learn more about virtual activities on Strava here: Virtual Trainer Activities on Strava

In order to classify an activity under a virtual sport type, the activity must be originally recorded as a virtual activity using a supported virtual trainer or treadmill.  Zwift is an example of a platform that records virtual activities. Performing this action will ensure that your activity file uploaded to Strava has the correct sport type information included. Athletes are no longer able to manually classify activities as virtual.

For  indoor trainer rides where virtual GPS data is not being recorded and uploaded, we recommend using the "Indoor" tag on the activity edit screen.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

But  is really a peoblem put the virtual buttom? Allí the activities are now false. If this buttom are avaible, the problem is solved

Why athletes are no longer able to manually classify activities as virtual? You have partnerships with platforms??

This change has no sense! Not everybody has a smart trainer! I have a basic home trainer so without any gps or elevation and I don't want to tag my activities because there are shown as "ride".

It's nice to add activity types but not removing useful ones without any notice!

iFit?  Not being auto categorised as virtual.  I don't want to use the 'indoor' setting as I HAD 3 years worth of iFit rides set as virtual that have now been set as 'workouts'!  Do I now go through all those and re-categorise, no thanks :-#  My subscription needed renewing, what's the point now 😕