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“Virtual Ride”

Mt. Kenya

Please bring back the “Virtual Ride” type. I and many others use it to separate outdoor from indoor rides. Thank you. 


Mt. Kenya

Maybe more layoffs would help. Being reactive to your base seems like 101 level stuff

Moderator Moderator


Thanks to all who have replied and commented on this topic.  As previously mentioned, Virtual Ride/Run activity types are reserved for activities which contain GPS, distance, elevation, and time data from a simulated (virtual) route. The activity must be originally recorded as a virtual activity using a supported virtual trainer or treadmill.

We understand that a number of you have used the virtual activity type in the past to keep your indoor ride statistics separate from outdoor rides.  You may be interested in this idea which was submitted as a feature suggestion on our Ideas Board.   We encourage you to add any additional comments and votes/kudos to it. 

Each one of you has valuable feedback on how to improve Strava. We love hearing from you and will do what we can to surface hot topics and trends to our product teams.  Thanks for your continued feedback and input.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

That idea doesn't work! Please give us an "Indoor ride" or put "virtual ride" back the way it was!

Along with others here, I am considering not renewing my Strava. The overwhelming response to this change - in multiple threads - should tell you to listen to your paying customers.
PLEASE don't try to justify the change - do something positive about it.

Am I missing something?  Until very recently, I had a "virtual biking" Strava biking type option, like gravel or mountain (which are excellent options).  The app is still linked to my Wahoo account and smart trainer - and records rides - but the option to chose a "virtual ride" as type has disappeared. Last year, I could make my trainer the default bike in the winter.  But a recent app uptake wiped away that option.  Could you clarify what why we can no longer chose virtual rides as types and how we can change the default bike (because this too is no longer obvious)?

No your not missing anything, they removed the option, and even though loads of people on this thread and others have highlighted how stupid that is they don't listen 😕

Sad that the majority of us seem to be using virtual ride for our indoor bikes on trainers (dumb or smart).  And now there's no option for that.  This is really not a good solution. To remove something that people use regularly and offer no solution.


I have read the request for an "indoor trainer" or "dumb trainer" ride - and at this point I just hope you give us something.


I do not use GPS at all except rarely. It now insists that every ride I do is a 'virtual ride' and it won't let me change that.

Dont take away functionality! Just had layoffs at Strava, im ready to walk away. I need virtual rides back

I've enjoyed using Strava over the past few years. I like to keep my Virtual Rides (inside rides) stats separate from my outside rides. I'm not interested in competing against anyone else. It's all about keeping track of how well I'm doing and where I can improve on a daily basis. I don't understand why there was a need to make the change in the first place. A simple fix to this issue would be to just put it back the way it was. It worked fine the way it was, Please put it back the way it was.