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Virtual segment flagged as hazardous

Mt. Kenya

Some segments in Zwift have been flagged as "hazardous".

Suggest that all virtual segments can not be flagged as such. Annoying that my favorite climb KOM does not appear anymore.


Moderator Moderator

This post has been escalated to our Support team. If you have a similar question please submit a support ticket and we will investigate further.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Could it be that they are essentially duplicates of other segments?  Strava doesn't really give a good way to remove a segment other than to flag it as hazardous.  I could see someone getting fed up with a bunch of duplicate segments and just deciding to try to get rid of some of them by flagging them since they don't have a good alternative method.  Hiding them would probably be the better option, but many may not know or understand that feature.

Mt. Kenya

Innsbruck KOM virtual segment too hazardous for Strava 😱

Mt. Kenya

Agree with this. I've had 2 Zwift segments marked this way in the last few days. 

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