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Weekly effort


My weekly effort in my free version of Strava (on the pc it doesn't work, on the android phone it works fine) doesn't work anymore.
For each of my sporttypes the count is zero but i already ran 33 km and made a lot of bike km does???? Week activities.JPG

Is this new???
Gr. PatrickWeekly effort.JPGWeekly effort 2.JPGWeekly effort 3.JPG


Mt. Kenya

It's not about being a subscriber or not. I am a subscriber, I have set up weekly goals and this thingie is broken on my main page as well. It must have been some change in last two or three days. It does not show the distance target for running, only for swimming. When clicked on the pen to edit the goal, it apears like the running goal is not set (but it IS, trust me). The goal for swimming shows 10m instead of 1000 m in the editing window. It is pure mess.

However - the very same component on the My Goals page (that one is among the subscription features) works fine. And in the Android app everything works fine. 

Looks like they tried to make the goals editable on the main page (and thus without subscription) and they broke some relation to the actual metrics.

I tried to edit the goals on the main page using the pen icon and set them the same I have them set up in the "My Goals" page. Kind of success - it started to show the progress on the main page (side note - before the change it showed the yearly mileage even without the yearly goal set, now the yearly goal must be set in order to show something - on the My Goal page this metric keeps showing reagrdless of the target setting). But it also deleted my goal for weekly elevation (that's one I had set up in the Android app). I had to reset it back. So it seems that this new setting on the main page transfers to Goals setting under subscription features, but not the other way around. 

On more thing - the editing window for swimming goal on the main page expects a value in meters but displays the already set up value in km. 

And I see now in the OP's screenshots that he has no pen icon for editing, but some upgrade ad instead. So I stand corrected - it is a subscriber feature. Done in a way, which breaks the existing functionality for free users and subscribers as well. And poorly tested.

Thanks for you input 😉!
Hopefully the main "Strava" office can undo this new look so the "free users" can consult this feature again 🤔???


The weekly stats in the web ui appear only if you define a weekly goal. I don't know if that's intended or a bug:



So they made it only visible on the PC for paying subscribers because non paying subscribers can not set weekly goals 😓....

This must be a recent (within the week?) feature change?


It's beginning to look like this....


Mt. Kenya

Same here. I sort of admire Strava's commitment to making their web experience as pointless as possible for non-subscribers...