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Weekly Mileage Total Removed for Free Accounts


I noticed when uploading today that my weekly bicycle mileage is no longer available for my free account. I now have to keep track by hand or by looking at my bike club link to see what the mileage is. The feature has been replaced with the following.Screenshot 2023-09-27 115425.png



Mt. Kenya

I am a subscriber and it missing for me too?  I posted in what's new, which was the wrong place for it.  


I'm a subscriber who rides an ebike as well as a regular bike. 2 days ago my total mileage included both types of ride. Today, I see only the mileage for the regular bike, which is substantially less than my ebike total. Because I can't set a goal for my ebike rides (i.e. Strava doesn't let me), I use the total mileage to help me keep track of where I am with my personal goals. If Strava is going to make that widget to be only goal-oriented then they need to add another that is total mileage regardless of the bike type. So much for being an all-inclusive company!

Mt. Kenya

Yup it's gone. I was a subscriber for many years until I realized how much money I was spending. They dropped or neutered the flyby which I thought was awesome and then eventually raised the price. I didn't use a majority of the features so I dropped out.  They will eventually corner me back into a subscription because if it's not on Strava, it didn't happen.  

I found and article stating it will be returned on the app after update, but I don't know about the website widget. I use a Garmin device to upload not a phone.


The "My Stats" section is still available in the user profile for now,but the pictured widget is now for subscribers only. There are only weekly averages displayed in this section   

Mount Logan

Did you try clicking on the little bike symbol on that page?  It looks like it may still have bike, run, and swim summaries available.  I don't have the free account, so can't check on my end.

It has been replaced by an upgrade offer. I hope my ability to communicate and compete with my club mates and followers will not be removed too.  

I found and article stating it will be returned on the app after update, but I don't know about the website widget. I use a  Garmin device to upload not a phone. 

My annual running total mileage is not findable anymore... has this been removed to? It's been two months since your comment, is the feature back? Can you link the article?