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Weekly Widget Progress- Option to remove

Mt. Kenya

I do not want this option on my feed.  It popped up a few months ago and went away.  It is now back.  I am hoping now that it is back- I can remove it.

The widget itself seems to be primitive and only collects quantity rather than quality.  Then every week it challenges you to do more.  Rest is also very important and needed to prevent injuries. 

 Some might think it's great, and that's awesome for them.  I do not think it is good to see and why I have disabled things like the 'move' option on my garmin watch or removed the step counter option.


Mt. Kenya

Hi Jane!

It is on the mobile app, but not on the web browser. 

Thank you, 

Moderator Moderator

Hello @Jzeeee 

Thanks for posting about this.  Can you provide a bit more information on exactly where you are seeing this?  For example, is this on the Mobile App, Web, or both?

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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