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What celebrations would you love to see incorporated in Strava?

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celebration 1.pngHello all! 

We all know how good it feels to achieve that new 10K Personal Best or finally grab the Local Legend crown. In a world where we celebrate achievements we are proud of, recognition means a lot!

When thinking about celebratory milestones, we would love to know what meaningful achievements you are most proud of or would like to see recognized and incorporated into Strava? 

Thanks for all your thoughts! 

STRAVA | Community Hub Team



Awlright, since some of us have OD'd on text messages and badges, here's what I propose:  Right next to the member's profile pic, award "jerseys" for the big mileage accomplishments.  Here's an example with crummy artwork, but you'll get the idea:  



What do you think?  It's in your court.  


@Lola   How about a suggestion on how to make meaningful celebrations MEAN something?  Try this, get rid of the meaningless, childish celebrations you push out every time someone logs an activity.  All we want is a simple "your activity was uploaded".  That's it.  We don't want "Great job on logging another activity, dive into those stats" or any of the other ones like that.  You make it seem like it is our first exercise in a month when it could be the 4th activity we log in a given day.  STOP!  When you try to put out some happy celebration for every little thing people do, it TAKES AWAY from the ones for the things that actually matter.  Make the big milestones matter more by celebrating the every day things less.  Make them stand out.  


You know, I was thinking about this very thing, because later this summer I'll hit 100,000 km career distance in Strava. But I'll get no recognition at all, no permanent notation on my profile page, no badge, no nothing. (For an example of what I'm talking about, look at anybody's profile on these very forums, where yoy get all manner of location upgrades and badges just for making posts.)
How about something next to our profile pic or somewhere to recognize us for these "big number" miles or kilometers, like 40, 50 or 60,000 miles or km. Thanks for mentioning this.

JBW-Florida (he/him)
STRAVA | User Community



A best power output for 2 hours, 3 hours and so on would be nice.