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Why Do Posts Keep Filtering To the Top of My Feed?


First off, I have my feed order set to chronological. What I'm noticing is that posts completely ignore this setting and repeatedly filter up to the top of my feed.

Note that I'm not talking about run/bike/swim/etc activities. I'm talking about posts, like when a pro athlete creates a post on their feed to promote their latest YouTube video or sponsorship, etc.

I'm forced to read it every single time I open Strava. I'm assuming it's because the post gets a lot of engagement, but I have my feed set to chronological for a reason. It's because I don't want an algorithm to decide what I see and I don't want Strava to turn into Facebook or Instagram.



one person I follow that posted "my year in review" ... and strava keeps on bumping it to the top of my feed. "posts" are getting bumped up too... don't really want to see this stuff over and over again, recommend keeping the feed chronological and not turning strava into every other social media feed pushing things at me. 

What is your feed ordering set to? 

Need to make sure it's set to latest activities.

Shant Hagopian
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As stated in the original post, mine is set to Latest Activities. Strava ignores this setting for posts.

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Completely agree. This seems a recent feature. Once I am done with I a post I don't want to keep re-seeing it. Being able to filter and have control of one's own feed seems to be a feature fundamentally lacking for paid subscribers.

Mt. Kenya

Yeah, it doesn't make any sense. Posts should follow the same reverse chronology rules as activities. What's even weirder is that it affects yourself too. I made a post and I'm forced to ready it every time I open Strava. What the heck? 


I find that annoying too, if I have read something I don't want to read it twice or a Hundert times.