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Why does Strava change routes automatically?

Mt. Kenya

Good morning everybody,
I create a lot of tracks for my weekend runs, and since I started using Strava for that I started to notice that it was becoming increasingly difficult, to the point where I stopped using it. At the moment I use it to save tracks from friends of mine on Strava, which I save to run there later. I started to notice that when running on these tracks saved on Strava, there were routes that didn't make sense.

In the example below we have:
Red is the original route where I downloaded the gpx direction to my computer.
Blue is the route I saved on Strava, in My Routes and later downloaded to my computer.


It doesn't make sense for these changes to exist, as I didn't even edit the route, I just saved it.

Is there a solution for this?


Moderator Moderator

Hey @alvarofilipepin,

If you don't mind could you bring this question to our support team so we can have a deeper dive on your question?
Once we have a solution, we'll be sure to posting our findings here as well incase someone has a similar question as this one.

Thank you!

STRAVA | Community Hub Team