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World Bicycle Day Celebration by cross-border multinational group rides

Mt. Kenya

In a period when globally things are not necessarily going extremely well, sports in general and cycling included could be a way to bring closer people from different countries, facilitating establishment of friendships and collaborations between individuals or groups that could end up organizing joint events, meeting or even hosting each other when riding abroad. The World Bicycle Day could probably be the best moment for such joint riding events.

We are a such a group of Hungarian, Romanian and Serbian riders celebrating the World Bicycle Day (June 3rd) by organizing in the closest weekend to that date, a joint cross-border ride around the point where the borders between our three countries are meeting. 
Screenshot 2024-05-12 221013.png
We did it in 2022 ( with 5 participants, 95 km tour) and 2023 ( with 25 participants, 120 km tour) and planning a similar one this year, hopefully with 40-50 participants. 


triplexxx.jpg border.jpg


We are suggesting Strava to launch a challenge, encouraging members living in border areas to get in contact with counterparts from the other side of respective borders, in order to jointly plan and run group cross-border riding events, in order for the local communities to celebrate  together the World Bicycle Day.

I am ready to share about DKMT Cross-Border Riding experience if anyone is interested to replicate our format.


Radu Ticiu


Moderator Moderator

Hi @RaduTiciu 

Thanks so much for sharing this!  We won't be able to create a Strava Challenge for this year, but I would encourage you to use our Group Challenge feature to create your own.  

I've moved this post to our Features Chat Board so more people will see your kind offer of sharing your experience.

Please update us after this year's ride and let us know how it goes.  

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Thanks, Jane, for your kind reply!
Will check if the Group Challenge feature could be used in any way, but have some doubts.

I will also come back with a note about this 3rd edition of our three-countries tour for the World Bicycle Day.

Best regards, 


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