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Year to date - async sum

Mt. Kenya

Hello community,

not sure whether it is bug or feature, but would like to ask about inconsistent sum of kilometers in my profile. If I sum up all my runs from 2024, I get something around 608km. But my “year to date” statistics says 585km. Is there a bug, or is there anything behind what O am not aware of (eg. Manual activities don’t count, or so)?


thanks in advance


Moderator Moderator

Hey @MartyRunner,

Have you tried refreshing your profile stats?
Below are steps on how to do so.

How to recalculate your profile statistics:

To recalculate your profile statistics please access your account on the Strava website using a computer. On your profile page, scroll down to My Stats​​ where underneath you will be able to click "Refresh Stats". After clicking 'Refresh Stats' the button may appear greyed out, this means the system is refreshing.



Possible Profile Statistic Discrepancies:

  • The displayed total may have previously been inaccurate due to a previous bug where deleted, cropped, or updated activities did not refresh the profile stats.

If this is not the case, please submit a support ticket and we will investigate further.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team