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👋 and welcome to Strava’s Privacy Tips series! We’re launching this series to help you, our community, better understand how to use the privacy and safety controls we built into the product to shape your experience on Strava. 


Keep in mind, when you share information publicly, no matter the platform, social media app, or website you're using, it is important to be aware of how people may be able to find and use that information. Because you can use Strava to share your information with others, we want to help you understand how this works at Strava.

There’s a lot to explore on Strava and a lot of ways to find motivation and inspiration. We know some of you are here because you love competing for top spots on leaderboards. For some of you, it’s not about the achievements — you just want to share your athletic journey with a small group of friends. And some of you use Strava just to track your personal training progress. We know you’re not all here for the same reason and we offer a suite of privacy and safety controls, along with educational resources, for you to understand and control what you share and who it’s shared with. 


What can I expect to learn in this series? 
We’ve designed this series to share quick and straightforward tips that help you make informed choices about your privacy and safety preferences while using the Strava app. As part of our goal to empower and educate our community, you can easily subscribe to receive these tips straight to your inbox.

Some examples of what you can expect to learn about include: 

  • How features, new and old, work that relate to your privacy. For example, ways to control who can see and access your activities or profile.  
  • How you can use privacy controls to customize your experience, like hiding your home address or opting out of certain features. 
  • How to report content that violates our terms or Community Standards, like reporting an inappropriate comment, photo, or video;  
  • And trending or frequently asked questions pertaining to privacy and safety.


How do I subscribe? 

Mason_1-1695168365723.pngJoin the Community Hub by logging in with your Strava account info so you can join the conversation. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any future editions!

STRAVA | Community Hub Team