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Community for athletes. That’s the heart of Strava. Strava was borne in the nostalgia of the team locker room, and there’s no better place to recreate that on the platform than in Clubs on Strava. They are places to gather around common interests and to support and encourage one another to keep striving. It’s been a while since we’ve focused on Clubs–we know–and we’re recommitting to these roots.

Courtesy of Pacific Beach Run ClubCourtesy of Pacific Beach Run Club


Some of us have been here with you for the long haul, making clubs that work for you and your communities. Through my view of providing support to athletes in Clubs, I have been impressed by the clubs that you all have created and the communities and bonds that you have formed. And I have seen the questions, feedback, and visions you have for Clubs on Strava–a witness to the magic and potential that exists in Clubs on Strava. 

Well, it’s my pleasure to share the news: the time to focus on Clubs on Strava has come again!! Catch the announcement at Camp Strava 2023 and get ready to motivate and engage with your clubs on Strava!

To start, we’re launching The Club Hub, a gathering ground here in Strava’s Community Hub for club builders and community organizers to share tips and best practices, answer each other's questions and discuss what they would like to see and use in Clubs. We’d love to hear about what is working for you, what is missing or could be improved, and how you would like to see Clubs on Strava develop. Plus, look out for new and upcoming changes to the Clubs experience in the Strava mobile app; we’re making it easier to engage with Clubs and letting members know when there’s action in their clubs. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

More importantly, fans of Clubs on Strava can expect to hear more from us, too, with a steady stream of articles and media showcasing club features new and old, sharing strategies to grow and engage with club communities, and resources to help club creators do what they do best—build community. Keep your eyes on The Club Hub blog board to follow our series on building community through Clubs on Strava.

Happy community building, and see you soon!


STRAVA | Support Team