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New for desktop! Map your way from point A to Z


You can now add multiple waypoints (stops between the start and finish) to create even more personalized Routes for your activities. 

Want to try this now? We got you. This update is available to all subscribers and only on desktop. Map any Ride, Run, Walk, Hike, Trail Run, Mountain Bike and Gravel Ride activity. Just hop on your computer and head here to try it out: Once done, save the Route and it will be ready whenever you are.

When you check out your Route on a mobile device, you'll also notice we've refreshed the details page for Routes in the app. Now, you'll get detailed map views and a sleek new layout.

Check out the step by step guide below and share you favorite route in the comments!



STRAVA | Product Marketing


Mt. Kenya

I still can't route through highways, looks like they are forbideen but in reality they are the safest routes to cyclists and sometimes the most used ones, you should add the option to unlock them with a disclaimer so we can fully route in the way we want.


I'd much prefer genuine course points. I'll admit this makes it a little easier to create routes. Once you figure it out. Still, the routing toolkit is all but non-existent.