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New: Recover Athletics for cyclists! 🚲


Recover Athletics Screenshot - Post Ride Stretch and RollRecover Athletics Screenshot - Post Ride Stretch and Roll

It's officially here: Recover Athletics, Strava's recovery and injury prevention app, has added cycling content to its library. This has been a huge ask from the community.

Now after a ride, Strava subscribers can access an expanded library of routines created to target and strengthen the shoulders, neck and back. And free Strava athletes don't have to miss a beat with one free routine and access to select content throughout the app.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

STRAVA | Product Marketing


Pico de Orizaba

Hi @mal,

Since I discovered the Recovery App and found out that its use is included in my STRAVA subscription, I have been very pleased and use the app quite regularly.
Unfortunately, for the last few weeks, using the app has been very little fun:
- The instruction videos don't play
- The smartphone (in my case: iPhone) switches to standby mode during training
- After finishing the workout, the app crashes from time to time, or it doesn't switch to the overview and sharing screen.
- The workouts are not uploaded to STRAVA.
- I have had to delete and reinstall the app several times now. Only then was the training uploaded to STRAVA.
- Overview image is no longer uploaded to STRAVA.

Relatively many points that need to be improved.

Question: When is an update planned and are these points already known and will they be fixed?




Hi! It's a great product but the Android version has many stability issues. Also, it would be great to have a few pre & post sessions for all other Strava sports. I do snowboarding for instance and I had to search which muscles are used when doing snowboard and build my own session (withouth being an expert).

I follow , you should definitely have a chat with them and make some kind of partnership 😃

Hope it helps! 😃

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