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Spotify is now on Strava. What music keeps you moving?


For those of you who record your activities on the Strava app, you can now stream your music right from the Record screen. So don’t be shy – drop those playlists below, and learn more about Strava x Spotify here.

STRAVA | Product Marketing


Mt. Kenya

Hey Strava Community,

That's awesome news! Integrating Spotify with Strava is a game-changer for anyone who loves to stay motivated with music while tracking their workouts. I personally enjoy high-energy playlists like "Workout Hits" and "Beast Mode" to keep my pace up during runs and rides. It's great to have everything in one place, making it easier to stay in the zone without interruptions. For those who want an even lighter, streamlined experience, I highly recommend checking out the Spotify Lite mod apk. It's a fantastic alternative that ensures smooth performance without taking up too much space on your device....Thanks & Warm Welcome!

Give it a try!!!

Hi Everyone in the Strava community!

That's fantastic news! Spotify and Strava integration is revolutionary for anyone who enjoys using music to stay inspired while recording their exercise. For me, intense tracks like "Workout Hits" and "Beast Mode" help me maintain my speed when I ride and run. Having everything in one location makes it simpler to focus and avoid distractions, which is fantastic. I strongly advise looking into the Spotify Lite mod apk for anyone looking for an even more simplified and light experience. It's an excellent substitute that guarantees seamless functionality without consuming excessive space on your gadget.....Thank You and Greetings!

Try it out!

Hi to all members of the Strava community!

That's wonderful news! For anyone who appreciates utilizing music to stay energized while documenting their exercise, Spotify and Strava integration is groundbreaking. When I cycle or run, fast-paced music like "Workout Hits" and "Beast Mode" helps me stay on pace. It's great that having everything in one place since it makes it easier to concentrate and stay away from distractions. For those seeking an even more lightweight and streamlined experience, I highly recommend checking into the spotify lite mod apk. It's a great replacement that ensures smooth operation without taking up too much room on your device.Greetings and thanks again!

Give it a go!


Spotify's "Made for you" BPM Mix playlists aren't too bad for settling into a cadence range. Also, or are handy for tracking the music you listen to during workouts and its impact on your performance.


@mal How about adding features that the users actually ask for - like flagging activities that were ended in a vehicle, such as this one:
Or flagging existing activities that don't make sense


How many Strava users do actually use the app when recording an activity? Among my 100+ Strava friends, perhaps only a few use the app. All others use Garmin, Coros, or Suunto device.

What I am trying to say is that this feature isn't relevant to a lot of users, including myself.

How many users asked for this feature?