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Extended Deadline for Strava Developer Program

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At Strava, we’re constantly inspired by the passion and innovation within our developer community. Since we launched our new developer program, we’ve witnessed an overwhelming amount of interest and enthusiasm. It’s evident that many of you are keen to collaborate and continue contributing to the vibrant Strava ecosystem.

Your invaluable feedback has allowed us to refine and improve the application process. As we iterate to ensure a streamlined submission journey, we recognize that additional time to submit for review would be appreciated by our community.

In light of this, we’re excited to announce that we are extending the deadline for our Developer Program. This will provide everyone ample opportunity to be part of this exciting journey and ensure that all apps benefit.

The new deadline will be March 4th, 2024.

Thank you for your continued interest and feedback. Together, we look forward to building a richer and more dynamic Strava experience for our shared community.

Strava API Team


Mt. Kenya


I'm already using Strava API to access my data from own linux/php.
It is rather a script than the web application.
Am I affected throgh the mentioned deadline of March 4th 2024?
Can I use my script after this date?


Mt. Kenya

Great that the deadline has ben extended. We submitted our app on 27th April but have not yet heard anything or had our rates increased. Is this normal? Should we have heard anything back by now? Is there a way to get an update, as I appreciate this probably isn't the correct way to get more information.

Kind regards

Mt. Kenya

Dear Elliott,

I recieved this message as well. I assume because I use the "Elevate" app, which connects via the API. However, it is not my App. It is an App developed by someone else and everybody who uses it, has to connect to Strava via the API. How do I proceed in this case? How can I contiunue using it beyond the deadline?

App linke here:

Best regards,


Mt. Kenya

So the answer is "Yes, any existing apps will stop working on less you take action". Is that correct? Clarity is easier than requiring us all to read between the lines. And if, yes, this is true, can you provide some links to how we populate our submission, if we have an existing app? You only sent a link to an unpopulated form, so there must an easier submit button that you've added in support of existing apps. I regularly use the API to download my personal data, but I don't live and breath the Strava API, and can barely remember writing my app, nor how to find it online.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Yes, in order to continue use of our API you will be required to submit by the deadline. If you do not submit, your application will no longer be able to access the API. If you're having difficulty locating your app name or client ID, that is easily accessible in your API Dashboard

If you're running into issues completing the form, or have questions, you can always reach out to our team directly for support at developers @ 


What is this nonsense? You originally stated:

If you're a developer who intends to use your app solely for yourself, and just your data, you'll be operating in Single Player Mode. For those newly created apps who intend to expand to our athlete community, moving forward you will be required to fill out our form for review. Until your app has been reviewed, you won't be able to authenticate any additional athletes to your app. 

 This implies that apps written and used by the account holder do not need to do anything to be "blessed" until they decide to expand usage beyond their own account.

Additionally, none of this makes any sense. Why would we need to fill out some form for you to investigate how our apps are being used? Surely you can see how often keys are being used, what request patterns they are creating, and what users have authorized those keys to access their data.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @jsumners thanks for the feedback. 

We're asking that all developers who intend to continue using the app submit their info. It's not an investigation into how apps are being used, we're reviewing to ensure that apps are receiving the appropriate access and support. While some apps may appear as "single player mode" from our point of view, there's no way to know what a developers intention is for growth of their app. 

If you have any additional questions you can contact us directly for support at 😀

That still doesn't make any sense. Wouldn't a developer launching, or has launched, an app that will have significant usage reach out to you to discuss support level? Why would those of us writing personal, or even exploration, apps have to jump through extra hoops? It seems to me that all this does is _increase_ the burden on both parties and reduce resources to support those larger apps requesting support.

Perfect, thanks Elliot. Might I suggest that with the next "Extended Deadline for Strava Developer Program" blast, you explicitly say in the subject line that apps will stop working if you do not take action.

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