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Average speed graph

Mt. Kenya

On rides, would it be possible to add a graph indicating average moving speed over time/distance?

The reason for this request is that I’d like to see (say) that my average moving speed changed over the course of a ride.  For example, plodding along at 15 miles per hour for each of the first 3 hours and then hitting the wall and dropping to 5 miles per hour in the last 10 miles.



Not sure if I understand you correctly. But isn't this what you get when you select the last ten miles of your ride on the Analyse-page of the activity?

Moderator Moderator

Hey @GeoffAllen,

I recommend heading to our Ideas section to check if someone has already created an idea that's similar to what you've described. If you don't see anything similar you can be the first to create this idea.

Also be sure to check out our Ideas Guidelines.

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