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Cycling best efforts


I've recently noticed that in addition to segment PRs I've had a third fastest over 50 km medal. Frustratingly, there appears to be nowhere to check best efforts over time/distance for cycling although there is one for running. I assume the data is there otherwise how did Strava know that was my 3rd fastest time. Why is there no equivalent table for cycling - it's like finding out you're 3rd on a segment but having no segment leaderboard to judge how far off moving up a place is. Can we have a cycling Best Efforts table please?



Just seen this has now been rolled out. Thanks Strava team (If any of my friends ask I'm going to take credit, naturally 😁)

Pico de Orizaba

Well I see that as of a few hours ago, the best efforts have made a re-appearance on my profile after a week's absence. Thing is, I just don't know how useful they are. They still don't guide you to a list of top efforts over the particular distance range... it still just takes you to the "best" ride activity page. Furthermore, in cycling there are so many variables to any ride... headwind, tailwind, solo effort, drafting some cat 2 racers, tri-bike or road bike... the list can go on.

Right now I find it a bit more "clutter" than usable data. Sorry.

JBW-Florida (he/him)
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I was directed here by Strava Support. Please introduce a cycling best efforts tab/table, that links back to the applicable rides or segments.

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👋 Hello all!
Thank you all for your feedback. Please be sure that your comments are being shared and discussed by our team. 
We appreciate all feedback and suggestions; if anyone has any additional feedback, please post it below so that it can be reviewed by our team. 

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Very angry with the change of Best Efforts to no longer lists virtual rides. I understand some people would love the new Best Efforts format, and want to eliminate the virtual rides if they are competition focused and ride a lot outside. However, virtual indoor riding is growing at a dynamic rate, and there are many who don't ride outside at all. I used to race and ride a lot outdoors, but in the last year of the 22,000km I did, I only did about 5 or 6 rides outdoors.

For me these days as well as many others, virtual riding is our future! Now with the new Best Efforts, only those outdoor competitive riders have been listened too. I no longer see any of my virtual ride best distances etc which are very important to me. All I see is old rides from 5 to 10yrs plus ago listed.

Virtual riders needs have been devalued and cast aside in favour of a subset of vocal outdoor riders! Virtual efforts are just as real and can hurt as much as anything done outside!! Yes you perhaps should list them separately as they are not equal due to Zwifts logarithms, but to completely wipe my stats in favour of the outside people is unacceptable. I am now reduced to writing stats in a book, so why the **bleep** am I paying Strava?? If this doesn't change we will cancel our subscriptions.

This could easily be changed to keep everyone happy. Instead of just listing outside rides under Best Efforts, add another tab so there is an Outdoors tab and a Virtual tab.

Virtual riding is already big and only going to grow in the future. You need to pull your finger out Strava and cater to our needs!

Is there a way to discount virtual activities from "times over distance" best efforts? it's 2 different things for road/virtual.

Thanks for taking it forward - I do wonder why runners got a best efforts table first when cyclists were (I believe) the original majority users of the platform. I certainly joined as a cyclist as it was the best cycling support app.

I had a list of my best efforts on my profile page the other day, they were there for about an hour and then disappeared. I could click on say my best 30k and it would take me to that ride, where has this list gone?

Mt. Kenya

does anyone knows how to hide the best cycling efforts?