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Elevation goals don't show up on the website

Mt. Kenya

I created an elevation goal (cycling) on my iphone but I can't find that goal when I look on the website. Why do certain types of goals only appear on the phone app?


Moderator Moderator

Hey @jeremyayers,

At this time, only ride, run, and swim goals for select time frames and metrics are supported on the Strava website. This means that any goal set for a different sport time, monthly goal, or elevation goal cannot be viewed on the Strava website.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

@Bryant - Can you explain WHY you can't see your other goals in the web version of Strava?  This makes no sense at all.  How can a simple app have so much better functionality than a full-blown website?  It has been requested multiple times before and should be extremely simple to apply.  I can't come up with any logical reason why it would not be available on the website.  

Mostly likely they just don't have the programming resources and outsiders should never assume that something in an IT system is simple, especially not in an old and convoluted one like Strava.

That's a poor excuse. I pay for Strava. Parity between phone apps and website is the norm with any data driven company. I have seen instances where the phone app is lacking but never the website.

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