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Flagging individual Segment efforts in an Activity ?


I'm familiar with the concept of flagging Activities and I've flagged a few where people have clearly used a car or motor-bike on a "bike ride" (45 mph up a long hill is a good clue).  I've recently seen a couple of Activities where a bike rider has been in an accident and been taken to hospital in an ambulance and on the way they have collected a couple of bike KOMs.  I have sympathy for the riders involved (judging by comments they were not seriously hurt) but it doesn't seem quite right that Segment leader-boards have become corrupted by their misfortunes.  It doesn't seem appropriate to disqualify their whole Activity (I think one was in the last mile of a 100-mile sportive) so it would be good to have a way to flag specific Segment efforts. 

I realise the Strava auto-flagging mechanism can now exclude specific "infeasible" Segment efforts and I think it would be useful if this could also be done manually.  Is there already a way to do this ?



Here is an idea about the same thing I posted a while back.  Feel free to add your comments/kudos to that thread as well.  Totally agree with the need for this.   Allow flagging of specific segment matches within ... - Strava Community Hub

Mt. Kenya

I would like this too, but for a different reason. I sometimes go (nordic) skiing with a dog which gives me a speed advantage at the start of my trip. Further on as the dog gets tired it does not pull me any more. I would thus like to flag or disqualify me from any segments where I have gained an advantage, while keeping the ones I have done solely through my own power.