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Users should have the option to flag specific segment matches within an athlete's activity without flagging the entire activity.  It isn't uncommon for someone's activity to incorrectly match to one or more segments within a ride due to adjacent trails or GPS drift.  It is really unfortunate that the only way to address this right now is for someone to flag the entire activity and the only way for it to be correctly resolved is for the person to crop out a portion of their ride.  In many of these cases, there is nothing wrong with the activity itself and the time/distance/effort is legitimate and should count in their records and stats.  The only thing wrong is that the Strava program incorrectly matched the activity to a certain segment along the way.  I don't want to flag someone's epic 4 hour hammerfest ride just because Strava thought it was close enough to a segment it didn't actually ride, but at the same time, I don't want to lose a KOM on a segment to someone that didn't actually ride it.  Additionally, we should be able to un-match or flag a segment within our own ride if we see this happen on our own activity


That's a tough one for me @anchskier ... I'm as hardcore a segment enthusiast as they come. But that could be really tough to prove and keep fair. I know what you mean. There could be a MTB trail next to a road, so its not fair to ride the road and get credit for the MTB segment. But I see that as more a problem with the segment than the system.  Some segments are problematic and would always be unless GPS becomes more accurate across the board for everyone. I would lean toward modifying or cleaning up problematic segments when possible, and if you want to compete only on segments that you know are fair, avoid the problematic ones. I do like your idea of an honor system to unmatch or flag a single segment of your own ride. 

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Another easy fix to this is to be able to flag altitude gain over speed. MTB friends will coordinate a shuttle service up-hill and bomb the rocky descents, if they forget to pause at the bottom the KOM'd the climb. As the butthurt of a roadie is the chafest they lose their whole ride by the time the get home due to being flagged. A simple ability to flag or hide accents would be awesome; like your suggestion to un-match ourselves from a segment. OR If there was a "type of ride" that you could choose (say "downhill) as the rider that would auto -unmatch your climbs on a downhill day... I think we're on to something.

Totally agree with this.

While as @eric says there may be some segments where this is unrealistic, that does not detract from a good idea.

It may not always solve adjacent trails if the segment is poorly made. But it will solve a lot of other situations, e.g.

  • A quick ride in a car
  • A GPS glitch

It would be much kinder to people to be able to only flag the offending segment, and it would also help that person understand WHY they are being flagged.

The perfect should not be the enemy of the good.


There are soooo many who forget to turn Strava off after a run or ride and they log the car ride after as well. Asking nicely to crop their ride usually doesn't help. We need to be able to flag those segments and we want to do this from the app and not having to go to the web version.