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Status: Delivered

I would like to see users have the ability to limit or prioritize the activities shown on Start menu of the app on the Apple Watch. Perhaps the app can do this using previous selections or simply allowing users to do this via Settings in the mobile or Apple Watch app.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Mt. Kenya

Perfect idea. It's a long list and it's a pain to select what you want (if it's not the first item of the list)

Status changed to: Delivered

Hey, we wanted to let you know that an improvement was launched on October 7th, 2022 featuring Top Sports on Apple Watch. Now, when you open the Strava Apple Watch app, your sports will be listed in the order of your most recorded activities.
We are thrilled to be investing time into improving the Apple Watch App/Apple Watch support in general so stay tuned for more improvements to come.

Mt. Kenya

Are there any developments regarding this topic?

I want to be able to configure my selection of favorite sports on my Apple Watch. Now you easily select the wrong activity or scroll a lot. 

Mt. Kenya

This stopped working recently. Is there a way to reorder the list so my frequent activities are at the top? Very frustrating at the start of a ride when my friends are waiting while I scroll through the list. 

Mt. Kenya

I have also noticed that with my most recent update to the Strava app, that the order of my activities has stopped appearing in the order of those I’ve used most frequently. Is there a planned fix for this anytime soon? Thank you in advance.

Mt. Kenya

When can we see this bug fixed?

I am seeing the same issue re: the order of activity selection on apple watch. My daily activity used to be at the top of the activity selection screen.

It's a bit time consuming to have to scroll almost to the bottom of the activity selection screen to start my activity.