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Hide an (old) effort from segment

Mt. Kenya

Dear all,


I am checking different segments on my regular route and noticed that the progress isnt showing a lot of deviation although I increase a lot. This is because there is this one time that got recorded with a flat tire. So went way over my usual time and now im looking into hiding this effort from the segment.

This activity with the effort was a couple of months ago and was visible for everyone, therefor i tried to hide the complete activity to make it disappear, but it keeps on showing the effort.

are there any options?



This would also be helpful for the opposite scenario: super fast efforts caused by GPS teleportation. It may be possible to flag the activity in those cases, but not sure about the situation you mention. Either way, flagging your entire activity is not an ideal solution, especially if only a small section is affected.

Looks like a good candidate for a feature suggestion.