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How to disable "New Post" Notification

Mt. Kenya

Hi everyone, recently I started receiving notifications for any post that might appear on any of the clubs I'm member of. This is super annoying as I now get many redundant notifications daily. I don't remember having this in the past, it feels like it started a few weeks ago.

Is there any way to disable these kind of notifications?




Mt. Kenya

Dear Strava team,

Please stop ruining the strava experience with things like this. Otherwise, strava would be just another application (Personally, I don't want this).

Feedback: If I want hundreds of unnecessary notifications I would join facebook/instagram.


Agree with all above, it's super annoying.  And, to address Strava's reply above, turn off the notifications on your end for all of us until you create the opt-out! Don't make us suffer (or leave groups) in the meantime.  


Thanks for raising this, @Matthieu-W

We are working to improve the Clubs on Strava experience, and are currently experimenting with different ways to notify club members when there are new posts and engagement opportunities in their communities. We also recognize the need for athletes to control these notifications and are working on additional controls to manage them for each club. Thanks for your patience while we develop these controls, we hope to have them released soon.

Please note that there are generally three types of notifications that athletes can receive through Strava:

  • Push notifications, which will be received on mobile devices while the Strava app is not currently on the device when enabled
  • Email notifications, which will be received in athletes' email inboxes when enabled
  • Pull notifications, which are found in the app under the bell icon, as shown in your image here; all athletes receive these notifications and they currently cannot be disabled

For now, you can adjust your global Club Posts email notifications on web here, or your global push notifications on mobile through the gear icon on the top right of most screens, then select the push notifications option and find the setting related to club posts, in this case, to disable them. As mentioned, we are working on controls for these notifications for individual clubs, so athletes can keep their global settings active and choose which clubs should send them notifications.

There isn't a way to currently control in-app, pull notifications, globally or for individual clubs, at this time. Though, leaving a club will stop notifications from that club. You can read more information about Strava notifications here. For anyone that's interested, we recommend creating a new idea post here suggesting improvements the Strava community would like to see related to these notifications. I hope this helps to clarify, and thanks in advance!

STRAVA | Support Team

Until Strava sets up the option to toggle these on or off, they should default to off. It's incredibly frustrating to see so many meaningless to me notifications!


@Jane , @Soren , @Eve   I'm guessing this is Strava's alternative to flooding everyone's feed with the posts directly.  They really want to increase the visibility of the club posts.  A couple weeks ago, they (without telling anyone) made it so all the new posts were automatically stuffed into people's activity feeds with no way to turn it off.  After getting hammered with complaints, they disabled that with the statement that they will continue to look for ways to make them more visible.  This must be their solution.  Again, a FAIL since there is no way for us to "opt out" by disabling the notifications.  Maybe if they get enough complaints, they will add that option?  I won't hold my breath.  

Mt. Kenya

I completely agree with you. it is very annoying and it seems that there is no way to disable this beside leaving the club...

I did leave a club spamming tons of events. 
Additionally, Strava better introduce regional events. I don’t care if a club as an event in Florida if I’m living in Germany 🤷🏻‍♂️ 

Mt. Kenya

This is so annoying.  I get some people might want this, but some won't.  Please add an option to turn this off!

Mt. Kenya

Same here, I would like to turn them off as well...