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Let Us Disable “Your Weekly Snapshot”


I’m now seeing the “Your Weekly Snapshot” at the top of my feed when using the app. I do not enjoy how this serves almost entirely to make me feel bad about my effort so far in the current week. This is detrimental to my experience on Strava. 

My training schedule each week is highly variable due to plenty of factors such as work, personal commitments, weather, etc. I should not have to see a feature telling me I haven’t been working as hard when I have been putting in more or the same amount of effort as my schedule allows. 

Please enable a toggle for this feature so we do not have to see it. 


Mont Blanc

It is depressing to see the red arrows comparing me to last week. In the spirit of improving one’s mental health through exercise, let us disable/opt out of this “feature”.

Mt. Kenya

Would love to see this feature either go away or at least let users disable.

Mt. Kenya

Poor implementation, as well. Red icons showing that my training volume as of Monday is lower than my volume from all of last week?  Of course it’s lower!

Mt. Kenya

Yep, really agree with this. All running training plans include down weeks/the taper and this just serves to make you feel bad about those weeks/encourage constantly pushing to increase. I find it a really annoying feature.

Moderator Moderator

👋 Hello!
Thank you all for your feedback. Please be sure that your comments are being shared and discussed by our team. 
We appreciate all feedback and suggestions; if anyone has any additional feedback, please post it below so that it can be reviewed by our team.

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

it’s been a month since your reply to this. any follow ups?

Hi - adding my thoughts here. There definitely needs to be a toggle to turn it off. If I'm on my feed, I'm there to see what workouts other people have done, I don't care how my monday workout today compares to last week's monday workout, nor should it give me a red arrow if it's one minute shorter than last time, nor should it combine km from both running and cycling because they are not comparable. I don't know who this feature is targeted at. People with programs or a consistent schedule know what they've got to do this week already, and for everyone else it is VERY easy to tap across to your profile and see all those performance statistics if you wish. Most importantly, a productive training program is not progression on progression! Some weeks will be higher intensity, some will be higher volume, some involve cross-training. This widget encourages bad training habits and I don't want to see it every time I open the app.

I agree! Please remove or allow users to disable this feature! It makes me feel bad and like I should do more activities, when I had actually some really good stats from the week. No one can continuously do more activities - but we all want to see the green mark to say we've done more. It is detrimental to the user experience and mental health.

Another vote for, at minimum, letting the user disable this feature. Not needed and could lead to unhealthy habits. 

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