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How to remove/mute "motivational" messages from Strava

Mt. Kenya

Since a few weeks ago Strava is at it again with pushing "features" down your throat. Now among the notifications for an activity I have to read Strava's stupid "motivational" messages (you're doing great, keep at it, da da da). Anyone can help me get rid of those?




Mt. Kenya

How do I disable the "Wow! Nice Job" or "Way to Go!" notifications? I don't need a notification after every activity I do.


ate the motivation messages; they're like being in school

Moderator Moderator

Hey @pssaenz

Thanks for the feedback regarding this new feature. This feature is still in its testing phase, and we will be passing your comments along to our product team. We appreciate all feedback and suggestions; if anyone has any additional feedback, please post it below so that it can be reviewed by our team.

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Please make them optional. I don't want or need them. If notifications will be coming that way, they will all go off.



An option to remove these would be fantastic. First one was funny as I was had just taken 3 weeks off before launching back into training, but they have quickly become another notification I don't need/want. I am hoping the dev team adds an option to disable these. Cheers.

Yes, please remove this or at least provide a way to opt out. Please update community when done. Thank you

I also strongly dislike these. At least give us a place to turn these off in Settings/Push Notifications. We are all inundated with too many notifications. The last thing anyone wants or needs are auto-kudos. I don’t come to Strava looking for an AI personal trainer or coach. Please reserve that for those few people who will want it. 

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