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Remove "walks" from running challenges and expand challenges for walks


Walks have been added to running challenges as of January 2024 and as a person who does both run and walk acitvities as separate sports, this has ruined the experience of challenges in the app for me, and in general.

My walks are no counting towards running challenges which rightly used to be separate. They are separate sports.

I found an idea here from last year where somebody requested the opposite and now it has been implemented. From their point of view, they were lesser abled and some walks "felt" like runs to them, which i acknowledge - however, the solution there is ti simply record a running workout on your device, not a walk.

To improve the experience for walkers then more 5k, 10k and monthly mileage challenges can be set up to keep it interesting. 

Last year I really enjoyed tracking my walking challenge and sepaately doing the running challenges. 

Now there are fewer challenges in total which seems like the app is getting worse, not better.

Also importantly need to point out that runs are not included in the walking challenges.... I guess that's the real punchline to this joke.


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Absolutely agree. It’s totally ruined the main use of the app for me, which was to challenge myself and keep myself accountable with my running. It seems like Strava is making the challenges easier and easier which is ok for beginners but is completely ignoring and alienating its base audience of athletes! Why can’t there be “easy” challenges for beginners and then harder running challenges for people who already run? Why are beginners now the only ones who get to have fun with challenges?

I remember when I first saw someone complete the 300km run challenge… it was inspiring.


It’s an awful idea and in opinion is not working, it’s ruining My distance and elevation challenges…. Already failed the January 2000m elevation as I had no idea walking was now in the mix. Running is running. 

hi @srybarczyk this is so frustrating isn't it?! I posted about it w hile ago and there is growing support from others like us who run and walk separately (for obvious reasons.... walking is not running) 

head over here and join the discussion:


I figured out now, that subscription is useless now, why?
For me I use it only for trophy case (just to preserve statistics), now
a) 200k, 300k were removed.
b) 100k it's combined with walk.
So, run challenges at all are now completely broken and useless, therefore there is no profit to update\have a subscription! Because except trophy case where is an advantage to have it?
Great move Strava and awesome product decision!!!
My applause to product managers!


I have just had to change all my walks to ‘hike’ this has now removed all walking from my monthly run totals in challenges and this has also kept in the footwear I was using.

I tried to change walks to ice skating as a protest but ‘gear’ footwear used got removed.

I like to keep track on distances of footwear so from now on all ‘walks’ will be logged as a ‘hike’ as Strava simply do not care about this very random thinking on their behalf. 

This is brilliant! I think I’ll be using this. 

but strava, don’t your think that a hike is kind of a walk, maybe that too should be added to the running challenge… and since we are on the subject snorkelling should feature too! 


Cancelled my renewal, vote with my feet

Mt. Kenya

Completely agree. If this is not rectified I will not renew with Strava. It is frustrating as I like to track my monthly KM as I'm aiming for 100km running per month. But having walks included in the running figures means I have to manually calculate which ultimately means Strava has become less useful. Please fix this quick Strava.


I also paid for Strava for the first time in December.  If this doesn’t change, this will be the first and last annual subscription I buy.  I run and I walk.  I’m not a running snob, but for the love of God, I’d like to track my miles for each separately!  I have different goals for each activity.  Strava, it would be nice if you’d respond.  But, in this culture where we can’t hurt feelings or have anyone feel “less” than the other, this makes sense.  Walkers can pretend they’re runners, and I’ll “pretend” I’m an alpine skier and track running miles as alpine ski miles.