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See which segments you have in common with people on your friends list

Mt. Kenya

It would be great to be able to compare all your Strava segments directly with someone on your friends list so you could see which segments you had in common. (This used to be supported by a 3rd party app so its doable). Cyclists are very competitive this would be a great addition. It would make it much easier to see what segments you have in common so you can try and beat their time. I think when this feature stopped working on the 3rd party app it was stated that it was a privacy issue. This seems strange as you only have people on your friends list that you want and you can block people ìf needed


Mt. Kenya

Is there anyway to see what segments i have in common with my friends? This would be a great feature to compare and compete. 

Mt. Kenya

Hi Jane, thanks for your reply, that wasn't quite what I meant.

I know you have had the feature a long time to see followers who have ridden the same segment you have ridden.

What I was meaning was that if I selected one of my followers you would then present me with a list of segments that we both have completed so we can compare times and compete with each other.

Eg me and my friend have probably covered thousands of segment between us but we might only have a few in common. If we had ridden 50 of the same segments the list would just show those 50 segments with the times beside them. Cyclists being competitive could then see which segments they could try and beat their friends at .





Moderator Moderator

Hello @SteveReynolds 

Thanks for posting about this.  From any segment page, you can use the "People I'm following" filter.  This will show you a special filtered leaderboard for that segment, with the best times for that segment of the People you follow on Strava.  If you're following someone who hasn't completed that segment at least once, they will not appear on the leaderboard.

Check out our knowledge base article on this topic. I hope that's helpful, let us know.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team