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Strava (the company) is not working

Mt. Kenya

Is it time to have a chat about Strava, the company's ambivalence toward its customers?

How many times do you get a canned response like this from a moderator and then a conversation is shutdown (aka Archived), meaning no further discussion can be had on the topic.

"Please understand that we  receive a very high volume of feature requests, and only those that align with our current focus can be considered.  Thank you for taking the time to submit your idea and we look forward to your continued engagement in the Community Hub"


How about we continue to discuss, refine, sound-out an idea Strava. Wouldn't that help the "product team" decide to move forward or avoid an product idea?

For reference, here's the original post:

"Here's how to make more money for your company.....offer a tiered subscription!

I genuinely want to pay you money for the lovely product you've made but the free subscription does 99% of what I want. The one thing I do miss having is route planning.

Is it worth paying $99 a year for that one feature? No, its not. Would I pay you say $25 a year, absolutely.

I'm not an elite athlete and don't use power meters, etc, so all the other features in a paid subscription are things I'm just not going to use.  It's your choice. Get no money whatsoever from customers like me or find some middle ground and help us to pay you something for your hard work."

Is it something you'd want too? Am I an outlier in wanting this feature? 

What's your thoughts around tiered subscriptions?


Pico de Orizaba

I remember your original post, they "disapeared” it like an elite athlete going after a record! Several of us in this post were taking forum management to task over the sham voting that they’ve set up to pacify us. The moderator even admitted that "ideas have to line up with the roadmap Strava has for 2024 and forward."

In reality, it might be that the company is overwhelmed with other issues like the vast number of different devices/platforms they need to interface with. If Garmin and Apple are better funded I suspect they will supplant Strava in the next few years, and Strava will be consigned to the dust bin like AOL and

If anybody has different ideas/solutions, please setp forward!

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