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Wouldn't It Be Cool If Strava Implemented Literally Any Feature With A Settings Toggle?


Every single "feature" that seems to have been added in the last year+ clearly has a percentage-based rollout flag, but none of them have toggles in settings for enabling/disabling by choice. Clearly this would be very simple to implement, but user control is not at all prioritized. I use Strava enough that my friends ask why I don't have a subscription and this is always the answer, because I have absolutely no faith in the direction of their product development. Each time they add something like this all it does is make me use the product a bit less. Alas who really expects them to care, especially as it really does not change my life much, but wouldn't it be so awesome if they did?



@Bryant   Would you kindly tell us how many votes are needed for an idea to be accepted by the programming staff?  

JBW-Florida (he/him)
STRAVA | User Community


Simply between 0 and infinite. They only implement ideas they like for themselves and have the programming capabilities for. I bet there is not a single example here where the number of votes had any impact.

@Jan_Mantau - I think you are giving this forum too much credit.  I wouldn't go so far as to say "between" 0 and infinite.  That implies that they would need at least 1 vote.  Many of the things they have added had zero support here.  

If the votes aren't being considered, then let's eliminate them from the forums altogether. They're reminiscent of these fake elections in dictatorships where the dictator gets 99% of the vote. If they're causing rancor and discontent let people post new ideas without the fraud of voting. @Bryant  you must agree, since you just posted that the guiding force is "the ideas have to line up with the roadmap Strava has for 2024 and forward." Your own words.


@Bryant - Wow.....just wow.  Are you saying you haven't been reading just about ANY of the ideas that have been posted?  People have been asking for this feature on just about EVERY "feature" Strava has added for years.  There are tons of posts in the ideas section requesting this option.  People have been upvoting these ideas like crazy, but YOU and the rest of Strava have totally ignored it.  Apparently, based on your response here, you just proved my theory that Strava isn't actually using these forums to get ideas to implement since they aren't bothering to even read them. 

Hey @anchskier,

When going through the ideas, I haven't found an idea that suggests we have a toggle for each feature that we have within Strava. I see members have suggested we have setting toggles for specific items such as stats, privacy settings, route visibility, and more but I haven't seen a post that suggest we toggle everything.

If I'm mistaken, please post the idea link here so others can vote on it.

As for your additional feedback, I understand your frustration with the amount of ideas that we have open currently. We would like to have many of these ideas implemented ourselves, but the ideas have to line up with the roadmap Strava has for 2024 and forward.

Lastly, I want to state that we care deeply for our athletes. This is why the Community Hub was created in the first place. For members to share stories, ask questions, and share feedback on what they think of Strava. We are doing our best to deliver as many ideas as we can to let you know we hear you.

Please, understand what many consider small changes or simple ideas takes a lot of time to plan, develop, then integrate. Since the Hub has been available, so far we've delivered 37 ideas and this is no small feat. We also understand we have many more ideas to go.

So @anchskier, I personally want to let you know we hear you and understand where you are coming from. In return, we ask for your grace and patience towards this process on making Strava better for all of us. We do not take your passion for Strava for granted.

Thank you for being such a committed member! 

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

@Bryant - Every time Strava has added a "feature" that shows up on the feed/front page of our app, people have posted in here asking for a toggle to turn it off.  Just a couple examples would be:
- Activity from a year ago

- Your Weekly Snapshot
This should not be a surprise that people would ask for this.  It isn't something new.  What we seem to keep seeing is Strava wanting to add something new, so they force it in the face of everyone without giving us, the ones who pay you, the option to see it or not.  
You say you have delivered 37 ideas.  Please list those and how much support they actually had from Community Hub.  What I have seen is you have added things that were never asked for but ignored things HEAVILY supported.  You added walks to all of the running challenges with a whopping total of 6 votes to support it.  You have many times that in just unique posts plus a ton of kudos to each asking to remove it because it has totally broken those challenges and ruined it for many users.  It really doesn't sound like you are listening to us at all.  Maybe you can prove me wrong.  In the meantime, you are losing subscribers.  Other platforms like Garmin Connect are either free or much cheaper are providing much better features.  


Moderator Moderator

Hey @SkylerWilliams,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts as I believe this is not only great feedback but a great idea.
Would you mind sharing this within the ideas section of the Hub? 
This is something I could see many members upvoting.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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