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Volunteering as activity (trail maintenance, event hours, free clinic, etc) that can earn monthly ba

Mt. Kenya

I am very lucky and grateful to live in a state with so many mountain bike trails available. I recently started volunteering for a bike oriented group in my state and went to an event they put on here in Michigan. My husband and I helped close the event at the end of the day and just that part involved lots of work. I don't know that many people actually realize how much work goes on before, during and after for sports related events whether they be free or pay for. So many people volunteer their time and energy into creating these events. Also a great deal of time goes into trail maintenance for things like daily use all the way to pay for events. In general this work is completed by volunteers. 

It seems like it would be worth trying to give these people the opportunity to get recognized for their time volunteering. It's not for bragging, in my opinion, it would be for well deserved recognition and appreciation by those who get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.



I like this idea, but it would be great to apply it to any activity type, such as hiking into a trail area to do trail work, or running as a sweeper for a race, or even ski-mo race sweeping. It looks like others have also had this idea (here & here). The suggestions there seems to involve the tags, along the same lines of "long run" and "commute" and other tags.

In addition to a tag to be able to applied to each activity, another option would be one of the specially colored map routes as there are for heart rate, temperature, etc.

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