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Hello everyone,

As a runner often participating in races, I decided recently to sign up as a volunteer for a few local running and walking events. The last time I volunteered at a 10k Walking event. Together with a fellow volunteer we were walking after the last contender and our task was to remove all the signs indicating the path. It was a great experience as I've met interesting people and made new acquaintances. It felt like giving something back to the running and walking community, as so many events rely mostly on the work of volunteers.

I've read and heard from many people that after the pandemic it became harder to find volunteers for sporting events, running included. I was wondering if it would be helpful to include a "Volunteering" among other type of runs, such as "Race", "Workout", "Long run", "Commute". It could help promote the volunteering and inspire other athletes to consider doing that.

Thank you very much for your attention!

With best regards,

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