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Obvious Missing Features That Annoy Me

Mt. Kenya

Some things that bug me about Strava. Obvious things to add, not sure why they don't?

  • See more than 20 activities at once on Activities page

  • See Pace/Mile on list of activities page

  • Label runs "Boston Running" or "Los Angles Running" like Garmin does instead of "Morning Run" or "Lunch Run". Far more interesting to see where I ran rather than the time of day

  • Why can't I see someone's full activity list on their profile? It's like going to someone's Facebook profile and only being able to see their last 3 posts. This is so annoying.....

  • Easily search activities: I want to be able to quickly find a run I did in Tampa in 2019, but it's like finding a needle in a haystack on Strava.

  • When I sort a Segment Leaderboard and I'm on page 8 and I click on a person's name to view their profile, when I click "Back" it goes back to page 1 and I need to click to go back to where I left off.

  • Would be great to see more info when scrolling through photos like time, run associated with the photo, etc.

  • Be able to back date miles on a shoe I added to a gear list. Like add a starting date, easily.

Many more, but these are my top pet peeves! So simple..........

What else could Strava easily change?


Moderator Moderator

Hi @pjk2001 

Thanks for sharing your feedback - we appreciate it!

We have an Ideas Board where we welcome Community members to share their feature suggestions. Before submitting any suggestions we would encourage you to review our Guide to Ideas which will explain how to contribute and what to expect.  

We have some existing open suggestions related to some things you've mentioned.  I've linked them below, and we would welcome your vote (hit the kudos button) and any comments you would like to add. 

Improve Activity Search

Ability to manually add distance to gear/shoes

Sync Garmin Activity titles to Strava

Thanks again for taking the time to contribute.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team