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Obvious Missing Features That Annoy Me

Mt. Kenya

Some things that bug me about Strava. Obvious things to add, not sure why they don't?

  • See more than 20 activities at once on Activities page

  • See Pace/Mile on list of activities page

  • Label runs "Boston Running" or "Los Angles Running" like Garmin does instead of "Morning Run" or "Lunch Run". Far more interesting to see where I ran rather than the time of day

  • Why can't I see someone's full activity list on their profile? It's like going to someone's Facebook profile and only being able to see their last 3 posts. This is so annoying.....

  • Easily search activities: I want to be able to quickly find a run I did in Tampa in 2019, but it's like finding a needle in a haystack on Strava.

  • When I sort a Segment Leaderboard and I'm on page 8 and I click on a person's name to view their profile, when I click "Back" it goes back to page 1 and I need to click to go back to where I left off.

  • Would be great to see more info when scrolling through photos like time, run associated with the photo, etc.

  • Be able to back date miles on a shoe I added to a gear list. Like add a starting date, easily.

Many more, but these are my top pet peeves! So simple..........

What else could Strava easily change?