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Status: Gathering Kudos

just did a Strength workout named "campus" on my Garmin watch; on Garmin Connect that activity gets the default title "campus" whereas on Strava it shows up as "Afternoon Weight Training" (this also holds for runs and bike rides). 

I can see that the workout name information is inside the FIT file.

It'd be awesome if the Strava logic for creating activity names/titles incorporated this.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

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I use to accomplish this. Great for naming activities on Strava.


Mt. Kenya

For anyone wondering how to fix the title with (kudos for the rules go to the Support of ActivityFix!).

You can define one rule to "Set title" to "[[fit_name]]".
This will only work for new activities and not for "Process Old Activities".

Depending on the activity type, the resulting title will also contain the location of the activity.
You can remove the location by adding a second rule to "Replace text" with "/:/^.+?\s-\s/:/" in "title" with "" (keep empty).
This rule can be triggered when the "Previous Rule" matches the first defined rule.

"/:/^.+?\s-\s/:/" is a regular expression (a regular expression can be defined by adding "/:/" to the beginning and end).
"^" matches the beginning of a text
".+?" matches any number of characters (the location) until
"\s-\s" matches the separator " - " between the location and workout name.