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Mt. Kenya
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All safety features should be included in the free tier of Strava. This includes sending a beacon from devices such as an Apple Watch. I don't understand why this is only available to subscribers. 

Mount Logan

And what did you do for Strava that you can demand their work for free?


Why should any features be available in the free version? Why does the free version even exist? Strava is a business just like any other business and it needs to charge users to earn revenue to stay in business. 

Mount Logan

There are a number of other options for free tracking/location information already out there if you are concerned about safety.  You could just use the "find my" ap for i-phones/watches if you want someone to always know where you are when you are out.  As a paying subscriber to Strava, I am not that excited about paying to subsidize others who don't contribute when there are already viable alternatives they could be utilizing.  

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Beacon is available to all, for free, when shared using the Strava app on your phone. However, Beacon sharing from connected devices including Apple Watch and Garmin are a part of our subscription due to the complexity of supporting such integrations.


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