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Community Hub Ideas 2022 Retrospective β€ŒπŸ–‹β€Œβ€ŒπŸ’‘

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Ideas Retrospective 2022Ideas Retrospective 2022


The end of the year is often a time to reflect on our work, achievements, and accomplishments. We weigh our efforts and plan our future goals.


With that in mind, we wanted to do a little retrospective of the most popular ideas proposed in Community Hub in 2022 to date and give you some insight into the amount of raised ideas, ideas that went into realization etc.


Without further ado, enjoy the below data sneak peek into the Community Hub Ideas to date:


πŸ”’ Numbers 

  • 410 submitted ideas
  • 2250 kudos 


🏁 Most Popular Ideas

  1. Dark Mode !!
  2. Please add unicycling as a sport
  3. ⚽ Add more sports
  4. Apple Watch - add stats: power, cadence, vertical oscillation, ground contact, step length, strokes
  5. Filter the type of activities that are shown in my feed, ability to mute specific activity types
  6. Athlete-to-Athlete Direct Communication.
  7. Add roller derby as Sports type
  8. Age related KOM/QOM trophies.
  9. Clubs: Receive notifications for all posts regardless of club size
  10. Organising and managing routes
  11. Assign Default Gear by Activity type 
  12. Remove Private Profiles From Challenge Leaderboards
  13. Orienteering Mode
  14. Multi Sport Support - MultiSport Activity
  15. Add route colors for uphill/downhill directions


βœ… Realization 

  • 1 idea Under Consideration
Exclude distance and elevation from lifts/shuttles in activities
  • 4 ideas Delivered: 
Please add 'Skateboard' back as a sport type
Edit 3D Map for feeds
Activity Selection on Apple Watch
Add Sailing as a Sport Type


πŸ† TOP 50 ideas by theme

We looked into the 50 most popular ideas per vote and grouped them into themes:


Community Hub Ideas Chart.png












Hope you have enjoyed this mini retrospective of Community ideas for 2022 and we are looking forward to seeing all the amazing contributions you come up with in 2023!  


STRAVA | Community Hub Team




Since "Please add unicycling as a sport" ranked so high, does that mean it will be considered?

Hello @Scot,

We have written a Guide to Ideas to show what happens with the idea once it is submitted. The content under How do you decide which ideas are implemented? and What if my idea is really popular? subheadings in that article give a bit more context on the criteria that are taken into account for what gets prioritized for future development. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mount Logan

@Lola just posted a new idea! Let me know what you think πŸ™‚


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I'm new to the community. How does one get involved in suggesting potential feature updates? What is the likelihood that it gets added to the backlog?

Hello @DHall13 , welcome to the Community Hub πŸ‘‹ 

Here is our Community Guide to Ideas to guide you through submitting your idea and it goes into detail on what happens to your idea past submission. Hope this helps!

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mount Logan

Thank you for sharing this Lola! This is great and all the ideas are solid 

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Next Race: Malibu Half (11/5/23)

So glad you liked it @Shant! Looking forward to seeing more of your ideas in the Ideas sectionπŸ’‘ 

STRAVA | Community Hub Team