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Status: Gathering Kudos

Strava leaderboards for Queen of the Mountain & King of the Mountain are stale, and many of them hold absolutely untouchable records made by unusual participants in events. (a good example is a pro peloton riding through the local hillclimb with a favorable tailwind — no amateur will ever be in the top-10 again.)

My request is an all-time leaderboard, and to make KOM/QOM awards annual. You were the fastest this year? Perfect! Your name is the one that will appear as KOM on the segment. As an added benefit, there could be an additional section of the Trophy Case for winning QOM/KOM trophies for a year.

This would freshen up leaderboards on many of the world's most important and major segments, making them more accessible and reigniting competition each year, rather than relegating the leaderboards to yesteryear or having to filter to find the "This Year" results (which just isn't as exciting).

Mt. Kenya

I love this idea for so many reasons. It's similar to Local Legends but honestly more meaningful and I suspect even easier to implement. Call it KOY/QOY and be done with it already! 😁 I check my yearly standings way more than my lifetime ones as I get older. Please think about implementing this! 

Mt. Kenya

Great idea! especially at mountainbiking, where the segments differ not only from year to year but also from week to week because auf treefalls that cause u to bypass or create new ways to finish a segment. Many segments aren't possible to race properly as u can see when the records are many years old, but the heat maps there are also dark red 😉


There is a similar request for an ANNUAL KOM here:

But that is separate, in that 1: it only is asking to VIEW a previous year leaderboard, not award with aKOM, aQOM cups and 2: it doesn't specify that it should ROLL through the previous 365 days rather than an arbitrary reset on Jan 1 (which was universally despised when tried.)

A rolling KOM/QOM (or top 10) wouldn't clutter feeds as it wouldn't be a "free for all" at some arbitrary reset where everyone is clamoring for the KOM and re-filling the leaderboard. That's what stank about the annual reset they tried years ago: in January (an arbitrary time) everything reset and was up-for-grabs filling up feeds at the turn of the year with a silly KOM race.

At best, with a rolling KOM, you'd probably see a crown once a year, as the top effort would be compared to the top efforts from the last 365 days. When that super-fast time "timed out," you'd have all the other times that came in right behind it over the last 364 days to beat before earning the KOM.

And no need to retroactively crown the former 2nd place to KOM when the KOM times out, that'll be on the leader-board which is dynamic and may changed daily. (And not just KOM, 2nd place may drop out before the KOM, providing an opening there...)

Advantages to a rolling KOM system:

  • That super-unachievable KOM earned with a rare 120mph tailwind and all the traffic lights setting up perfect will live on as the All-Time KOM (nice work!), but mere mortals will still be able to compete in a meaningful way on a dynamic playing field.
  • Motivates riders to keep working (at least every 365 days), rather than just KOM hunt and rest on their laurels.
  • Recognizes that terrain changes over time, and maybe a KOM from 10 years ago isn't realistic today because a trail has completely changed due to re-routes, erosion, etc.
  • It accounts for seasonality by encompassing the last 364 days which includes the end of last season and the beginning of this season, no matter what season in whichever hemisphere you put that effort down.
  • Allows you to notice when your buddy is kicking *ss out there because they get the fastest freaking time in the last 365 days! something that might be utterly lost otherwise because the All-Time Top 10 is stacked with impressive but unachievable 1-off Herculean efforts.
Mt. Kenya

Agreed, rolling annual KOM's should be the default now, especially on MTB and Gravel segments.  Even on the road there are issues though.  Our city just installed traffic circles on one of the main routes which effects multiple segments with 5,000+ individuals just YTD.

Reality is that things change and moving to some sort of rolling leaderboard would drive SIGNIFICANTLY more user engagement which is ultimately the goal of Strava.

This is the stupidest thing ive heard.. KOM is KOM.. if you cant beat it you cant have it. Leave it how it is. 

Create a different award for the year if u need the gratification.