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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos


It'd be nice to see a Basketball in activity types.


Mt. Kenya

I can already see Football (Soccer), so why not Basketball?

Even Garmin gave up to the community and added all (or most) "Team sports" including basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, etc. And now it would be nice to see the same sports with specific stats on Strava.


I came here just go suggest this. Given all the more obscure sports included already, it only makes sense such a popular and accessible sport like basketball would be an option as well. It would be cool if basketball sport was added and included your total distance covered in the stats.

Mt. Kenya

Yes, please add basketball

Mt. Kenya

Currently having to log as "workout"

Mt. Kenya

Another vote for adding basketball.  I currently log it as an indoor run.  It's always interesting to see how many miles are covered each session.  So, adding basketball that tracks distance/pace also would be a great thing.

Mt. Kenya

Please add Basketball!!!!

Mt. Kenya

I also vote to add basketball!

Mt. Kenya

Would be great if Strava added BASKETBALL. I hoop 2/3 times a week as exercise and I also get a workout when I coach at the youth level.  Love to run and mountain bike... and I occasionally ski or kayak (a handful of times per year), but basketball is LIFE for many people. Come-on strava.

Basketball is the world's second most played team sport after soccer/football! And unlike "Velocycle", it's super accessible - courts are, Europe, South America, and especially CHINA)!  And the running, movement, heart-rate, etc, lends itself well to something to track for competitive metrics, or just for plain-ole fun. What gives? 

Mt. Kenya

Go basketball!!! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

Pico de Orizaba

I think this go together with volleyball

Mt. Kenya

to make strava mainstream and increase revenue, it's a win-win to add basketball.

Mt. Kenya

Every other apps I checked has it, can’t understand why Strava does not… I have it in my Runtastic app that gives me a better overall view of my activities.

Mt. Kenya

Add basketball

Mt. Kenya

Come on now, you have pickleball in there but not basketball?

Mt. Kenya

Every other main app has basketball. Instead of Β« gathering Kudos Β» on a forum like teenagers, you should just see what other apps and competition does in the field of sports supported. How cannot it be available two years after all other apps ? Every watch on the market support it so must you if you want to stay up to date. Moreover when I see the list of sports supported like stairs simulator, kitesurf and so on… almost 30 million people played basketball in US only on 2023, kitesurf is 1,5 million worldwide, 3.5 for racquetball….