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Status: Gathering Kudos

Can rucking be added to list of activities/sport. It’s not the same as walking or hiking 🙂 thanks! 

Mt. Kenya

Please add Rucking as an option with a way to input the amount of weight you Ruck with. 

Mt. Kenya

Come on Strava, lets add rucking for all of us GoRuck weirdo's!

Mt. Kenya

Yes please! I love to ruck and would like to have it in Strava activities.

If there's an option to add the weight of the rucksack even better! 

Mt. Kenya

I'm also keen for this activity type. Just started, and shifting 20kg for over an hour just to be told I've burned 500cals is not motivating 😉

Mt. Kenya

Yes please. Add rucking with weight option to adjust calories and fitness points. 

Mt. Kenya

Would love to see rucking added as an activity! 

Mt. Kenya

Just started using Strava and a major missing activity is Rucking (walking with backpack with weights). Adjustable pack weight need to be included. Surprised this is not here already as I expected that to be an activity on Strava because of Rucking’s growing popularity and community.

Please add this missing activity to Strava

Mt. Kenya

Definitely should add it!

Mt. Kenya

Yes please add Rucking

thanks for Adding Standup Paddle I use it and walk (ruck), mountain bike, road bike, squash and workout. 

Mt. Kenya

+1 please add rucking as an activity or otherwise just give us a field to customize the additional weight carried when backpacking or hiking. That way the caloric calculation can change and we'll be able to track another dimension by which we can scale the difficulty of the exercise.


This is one more vote to add an "added weight" attribute for user entry for any given workout, be it a run, walk, hike, or bike.  All of these activities have legitimate cases where adding weight (for example, in bike touring, running, or backpacking) makes it an entirely different activity, and requires a different calculation of effort and calories burned.  Strava's current effort calculations for "hike", for example, don't consider what's on a person's back, and are pretty useless when you're carrying 30 or 40 pounds back there.  This is basic, and should be an easy software fix - a new little piece of arithmetic involving a new attribute among all the attributes and algorithms that Strava already has.  BTW, I don't  favor adding rucking as an activity (though even that should be no big deal) unless specific competitions get popular.  Until then, rucking's just a special class of running, walking, or hiking, which can be covered by the "added weight" attribute.

Mt. Kenya

Love Strava. Would love to see Rucking added as well!


Mt. Kenya

It would be nice to add the weight of the backpack.  You could also just keep the hike activity and add the ability to add a backpack weight there too...  

Mt. Kenya

I agree Rucking being added to strava would allow the community to accurately record their activities and also encourage new users to sign up to the platform. Having the ability to record pack weight would also be useful. 

Mt. Kenya

Can rucking or hiking with weights be added to Strava.