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Status: Gathering Kudos

This was suggested in August of last year, but I haven't seen any further discussion or movement.  Currently, the only way to show elapsed time on something like a run, is to mark it as a "race".  The timing data is already there in the analysis portion of the activity, so it's just a matter of giving the user the option to use that vice "moving time".

Link to the original idea:

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea to toggle between displaying elapsed time and moving time on your activities. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Mt. Kenya

When I review a statistic of an activity I see the graph with the movement time.

Is it possible choose also effective time passed? This time is more accurate with hiking activity

Or also time of the day...


Hi @drazde do you mean that you wish to toggle between moving time and elapsed time for walks/hikes on the activity detail page analysis graph? Can you please also elaborate on why this is important? Thanks!

Mt. Kenya

Hi, thanks for your reply

hiking isn't a race or workout, the speed  could be slow and many times movement time are very different from reality.

Sometimes I view my passate activitys for planning the same route or little bit different. I would like have the real time I have spend in the past for that activities for planning more precisly the times of walk

I would like choose the type of time: total time or movement time


Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for elaborating and clarifying your suggestion. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Mt. Kenya

When importing activities from my watch, Strava recomputes the movement time. For hikes it is often much shorter than the real time, since I think steep slow passages are treated as no movement.

My workaround for now is to mark everything as run/race, since then it takes the full duration of the imported file without altering it. Could a checkbox be added, to explicitly disable this recomputation for an activity?

Same for the recomputation for the elevation, and elevation gain.

Mt. Kenya

Referring to the original post, I think actually the default should be the elapsed time. Movement time is wrong for 90% of my hikes.

Alternatively, when computing the movement time, the cut for speed must be much lower.

Or one could cut out times with no movement at all, i.e. if the position did not change by more than 20 over a long time. But I would not remove long durations of slow movement time like 2km/h, since that can happen easily on a steep hike, or when climbs are involved.

Mt. Kenya

How can we make progress on this? it confuses me why Strava insists on displaying my long runs with times under (faster) than the the route CR unless I lie and say that it was a 'race' event.  I don't like either option as it confuses my friends! 'Moving Time' is utterly random as GPS is terrible in certain terrains. I'm often listed as stopped in error which reduces the 'Moving Time' by huge chunks.

Like many runners, I only care about my 'Elapsed Time'. Its relevant to me that it took x hours to complete a trail/route. 'Moving Time' is confusing as I don't know the Strava algorithm which computes if I'm moving/stopped OR satellite availability allowing for GPS accuracy. There are too many variables. Let me have a option (preferably the default option) which removes these variables please.

Mt. Kenya

This is also an issue for swimming. Apparently the algorithm decided that I swim too slowly and spend 2/3 of my time not moving.


After a decade of using fitness-tracking platforms, I can’t really think of a (common) scenario where I’d rather see Moving vs. Elapsed Time. Even on my day hikes, it bothers me to see that I’ve hiked 12 miles in “4 hours,” or whatever the platform decides my moving time was. It’s completely unrealistic. I did not walk that fast, continuously, the entire time, without ever stopping to enjoy the moment.

Telling users to mark their activities as Race (as is usually done, including by Strava staff) completely defeats the meaning of the Race tag. I’ve seen people mark every single one of their runs as a Race, including their Sunday morning jog, just to show Elapsed Time.

When a feature (the Race tag) is so commonly misused that the misuse becomes the recommended usage, you need to seriously rethink your design.

Mt. Kenya

Yes. Fix this. Yesterday.

Mt. Kenya

Totally agree. I like to run the same routes and compare my time, and stopping to catch my breath is a part of how good shape i'm in and should count towards the whole activity i'm logging. Having to manually mark each run as a race is tedious. I'm new to Strava, and it seems to have several nice features, but this issue is big enough that I'll be looking to switch back over to Runkeeper pretty soon.

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I agree. I would like to see elapsed time. I specifically joined strava to keep track of my activities and lapsed time as i CANNOT do this effectively on Garmin i guess i will have find something else. Dammit.


Same here, as I describe similar issue/need for hiking. I vote for it.

Mt. Kenya

Please allow this, especially for outdoor swims where there isn't even the option to tag it as a race and you're generally moving slowly enough that it counts most of the activity as not moving.