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Status: Gathering Kudos

This was suggested in August of last year, but I haven't seen any further discussion or movement.  Currently, the only way to show elapsed time on something like a run, is to mark it as a "race".  The timing data is already there in the analysis portion of the activity, so it's just a matter of giving the user the option to use that vice "moving time".

Link to the original idea:

Mt. Kenya

What is the sense of having an auto pause option turned to off if it is going to calculate your "moving time" anyway?  So stupid.  Let the user decide if they want the app to use "Elapsed Time" or "Moving Time" without having to say it was a Race.  If I get caught at a light and have to wait before resuming my run then I want to count that time towards my training because it is the truth.

Mt. Kenya

Really disappointing that Strava has not addressed this. This issue makes the entire platform nearly unusable for me.

Mt. Kenya

I cannot think of a single reason why moving time would ever be useful or meaningful, and it's kind of insane that the platform intentionally hides the actual data from its users.