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Status: Gathering Kudos

Right now there are a number of Cycle Sports, including “Ride,” “Mountain Bike Ride,” “Gravel Ride,” “E Bike ride,” “E-Mountain Bike Ride,” even “Velomobile ride!” But no Winter Fat Tire Bike ride. 

This is a problem because winter fat tire riding on single track trails is **much** slower than on a Mountain Bike in the summer.  

This feature request is to add “Winter Fat Tire Ride” so people in cold weather climates can effectively track winter rides. 

Without this feature, the app is far less useful for outdoor riding in the winter—we can’t track our progress, see PRs, see how we are doing on leaderboards etc. 


Mt. Kenya

I totally agree. Fatbiking -in the winter- is totally different activity and should have a spot of its own in Strava.

Mt. Kenya

Please do this

Mt. Kenya

It’s 2024! Please add Fat tire biking already!   

Mt. Kenya

I ride fat year round.  Leave 'winter' out of it. 

Mt. Kenya

Fat Bike is a different experience and effort than any other kind of riding.    The effort required to pedal my MTB (29"x2.6" tires), gravel bike (29"x47mm/1.8"), to my fat bike (27.5"x 4.5") warrants its ride type.  10 miles on a fat bike is very different than 10 miles on a MTB or gravel bike.  It helps clarify in the training log, when mileage seems low the effort is high.  Never mind if there is snow on the ground!  There is "badminton" among other non-endurance sports.  Fat Bike seems like a natural progression and expansion of cycling.  Let's get Fat Bike added!

Mt. Kenya

I agree 100%!
I suggested the same.
Living in Minnesota, 1/3 of my riding is winter fat biking.

Mt. Kenya

Being a Fat Biking Minnesotan this would be a great addition!

Mt. Kenya

Please add Winter fat biking! it just makes sense you have everything else.

Mt. Kenya

Fat bike ride

E-Fat bike ride

Would be a great addition.


You're confusing ACTIVITY TYPE with BIKE TYPE.

MTB ride infers MTB courses, not riding your mountain bike on the road. We don't need a category for every type of bike there is. THat's just lunacy. The bike you do a MTB or Road bike on, excluding ebikes, is irrelevant to the leaderboard. It's not a leaderboard for every terrain type for every bike type. That's akin to...everyone deserves a participation award and everyones a 'winner'.


Mt. Kenya

LF80 has obviously not read the other posts on this matter or does not fat bike winter groomed/ungroomed trails.  You exclude ebikes while discounting that fat biking in winter is also a completely different type of ride and a different type of effort than MTB.  This isn’t about using a fat bike on MTB trails (in which case I would agree with you), but using a fat bike on snow (something that a normal MTB can’t do).

Mt. Kenya

@LF80 I am inviting you to come ride in our trail this winter. The snowpack is fairly good, hardpacked by snowshoers or snowdog/skidoo. All the obstacles (rocks, roots) are hidden by the snow making it slick and very fun to ride. But I doubt you will go very far with your MTB bike... I will be happy to lend you a Fatbike for you to try... and see the difference. The MTB course is completely another trail in winter. 


I support this, as I do swap in studded wheelset December thru February for 2 1/2 to 3 months of winter fat bike riding.  It's a category and sport all to itself.  

Not a fringe one either.



@Rob72 and @SLRD  Yup...I can appreciate what is being asked and requested. I have no idea how to delete my previous comment so I'll just go ahead and SUPPORT THIS.

Guess you'd also need an e-bike fat bike section though 😉

Still not 100% on it but more for than against after reading your comments and can see the argument for it. 

Mt. Kenya

@LF80 Yep.. e-Fatbike is getting popular with some riders... 

Thanks for your support! And happy to see you in Quebec for a tour at Loup-Garou! Here's a picture of the trail we groom.