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Status: Gathering Kudos

With the new feature of Apple's IOS 16.1 "Live Activities" it is now also possible for third-party apps to display information on the lock screen. I train partly with my Iphone and it would be great to see the real time data like pace not by unlocking the Iphone and opening the Strava app but directly on the lock screen.

Mt. Kenya
  1. As an amateur runner who uses my phone and not a watch I would really like a live activity feature as well so I can view the pace and duration from my lock screen. Please prioritize this feature!
Mt. Kenya


I’m looking forward to use this feature of seeing stravs details track on the locked iphone screen

Mt. Kenya

I would really like this as well. It would eliminate me juggling my Apple Watch, between my Strava, and my cheapo bike computer. I realize that devices from garmin and wahoo exist but they’re hundreds of dollars. I already bought the Apple Watch, I already paid for my year subscription for Strava, cycling is already expensive. I just want some stats and route mapping displayed! Please!!! 

Mt. Kenya


please do this ! 
It is so obvious and useful for every User. When is this Feature Finally available in Strava ???

Mt. Kenya

Running activity should show heart rate, pace and distance on a lock screen!

Mt. Kenya

This would be a game changer if Strava implemented Live Activities on the iPhone.  Any idea if this is in the pipeline to be added?

Mt. Kenya

I didn’t like waiting, moving to NRC

Mt. Kenya

This is really much needed feature. Majority apps have been giving this feature for almost a year now. Please prioritise for this feature.