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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

As a user of Stava Premium who is on a PC and mobile, I would like the ability to automatically generate routes as you can on mobile; so that I do not need to switch from one device to another to plan what route I want to find.

The Mobile UI for segments and routes, isn't bad but mobile has limitations with interactivity, which is resolved by viewing routes on a desktop, e.g., screen size is a limitation on mobile which is not an issue on PC. This results in: 

  1. generating routes on mobile
  2. picking one that looks okay
  3. saving the route
  4. moving onto the pc
  5. adjusting the route manually

It would be much nicer flow if you could just generate routes on webpage rather than it be an inapp exclusive feature

Mt. Kenya

+1 on what was said above.

At the same time, it would be great to be able to "preview" the route in 3D the way you are able to see after you log an activity, to better understand the terrain profile 🙂

Mt. Kenya

Need this! I spend so much time exploring the Maps page visually on desktop because I can see so much more of the map at any given zoom setting. However, I usually like searching for popular "full routes" like you can on mobile. It would be so nice to search the most popular public routes for a given area of the map on desktop instead of mobile.

Seeing segments is nice, but I like to switch to the Routes view to see examples of full activities. On mobile I can switch between "Routes" and "Segments" but I only see Segments on desktop...

Mt. Kenya


Mt. Kenya

Please add this (and breadcrumb cuesheets like ride with GPS)

Mont Blanc

Yes, +1 for suggested/community routes on the web app.  It's a no-brainer for ease of route creation, storage and transfer to mobile devices.  Thanks!